Brandon Lind M.Arch., B.A.S.

Urban Designer + Marketing Coordinator


Since graduating and joining Fotenn in 2017, Brandon has played an instrumental role in the design and development, and particularly the graphical representation, of a wide variety of projects, including site plans, master plans, and urban design guidelines. Brandon combines his knowledge of, and passion for, architecture, urban design, graphic design, and architectural visualization to undertake background research and analysis, concept development and refinement, document preparation and the preparation of graphics and visualizations. In addition, Brandon leads Fotenn’s marketing and promotional efforts, and consistently positions the firm and its projects to reach the broadest audience.

Prior to joining Fotenn, Brandon’s master’s thesis, titled Urbanville, explored alternative methods to master planning in the form of an iterative and generative process that used high-graphic demonstration sites to enable communities to establish goals, set targets, and devise metrics by which to assess various approaches to transformation.