Woodstock Downtown Development Plan

The City of Woodstock has taken a number of steps in recent years to sustain and improve their downtown. Building on this momentum, Fotenn is helping the City create a comprehensive Downtown Development Plan to coordinate existing plans and policies, provide a detailed action plan, and outline a clear timeline for implementation. The Downtown Development Plan will inform the future decision-making process and successive City Councils will rely on the Plan to ensure future investments in the downtown are well-informed, justifiable and part of a larger strategy.

As part of the process, an integration Downtown Cultural Plan assesses the City’s cultural assets, programming and facilities and provides a long-term approach to the City’s investments in arts, culture and heritage.

To learn more about the project, visit www.letstalkwoodstock.ca

Location Woodstock, Ontario

Client City of Woodstock

Size 70 Hectares

Date 2018 – Ongoing

Key Team Members Matt Reid Evan Truong

Project Tasks Project ManagementPolicy FormulationPublic ConsultationAccessible (AODA)Graphic Design

Development Plan notice within downtown Woodstock.
Community consultation session. Community consultation session

A Plan for sustaining the Downtown’s role as the heart of the City and ensuring that future generations will be the beneficiaries of sustainable growth and economic vitality.

Community consultation session. Community consultation session