Westgate Mixed-Use Community Master Plan

Suburban shopping centre redevelopment and intensification

Fotenn has submitted an Official Plan and Zoning Bylaw Amendment for the redevelopment of the Westgate Shopping Centre with a focus on the first phases of the redevelopment along Carling Avenue. The Official Plan Amendment includes the adoption of a Secondary Plan which will enable site specific policies that recognize the suitability of these properties for greater building height and density. The overall goal of our phased development approach is to allow for the continued usage of the shopping centre while redevelopment is underway.

In operation for more than 60 years, Westgate Shopping Centre has become a pillar within Ottawa’s expanding urban core. In order to harmonize with the revitalization of the surrounding area, the Master Plan seeks to convert the shopping centre into a new mixed-use community which will re-establish Westgate as the thriving heart of Ottawa’s west end community.