Tannery District Master Plan

A long-term vision that is structured around the fundamental pillars of sustainability and resiliency.

Fotenn is currently preparing a Sustainable Neighbourhood Master Plan and supporting Secondary Plan for the 12-hectare Tannery District, a former brownfield site adjacent to downtown Cobourg.

The Master Plan will create a long-term vision for Tannery District that recognizes the principles of One Planet Living to achieve four fundamental pillars of sustainability and urban resiliency – society, environment, economy and culture. The Plan will integrate innovative best practices in all elements of the public and private realm, including transit supportive densities, solar orientation, green infrastructure, low impact development, energy efficiency, water usage, waste reduction, building materials, and the promotion and support for alternative modes of transportation.

To ensure the successful implementation of the Plan, detailed recommendations and strategies will be outlined, such as policy amendments, partnerships, and funding opportunities. Context-specific metrics will also been recommended to monitor and evaluate the success of the plan over the short, medium and long-term.

Location Cobourg, Ontario

Client Cobourg, Ontario

Size 12 hectares

Date 2017 - Ongoing

Key Team Members Matt Reid Paul Black Rejane Padaratz Jaime Posen Camille Baello Brandon Lind

Project Tasks Project ManagementMaster PlanningSecondary PlanUrban Design GuidelinesSustainability FrameworkPublic ConsultationAccessibility (AODA)Graphic Design

Tannery District within the Town of Cobourg Tannery District within the Town of Cobourg
Proposed streetscape rendering of Spring Street within The Tannery District. Proposed streetscape rendering
Character Area design guidelines for Spring Street Core. Character Area design guidelines

Design guidelines help to define each character area within the Tannery District ensuring unique and engaging neighbourhoods.

Proposed rendering of Townhouse Mews. Proposed rendering of Townhouse Mews
Potential Street Section for The Tannery District. Potential Street Section

The Sustainable Master Plan is grounded in the 10 principles of One Planet Living, a framework for development that uses key performance indicators and targets to ensure environmental, social, cultural and economic sustainability.