Villages of Akulivik, Salluit, and Kuujjuaq

Updating policy documents for Quebec's northern communities

In 2015 Fotenn prepared Community Plan and Zoning By-law updates for three Inuit villages in Kativik, Quebec. The three communities included the northern villages of Akulivik, Salluit and Kuujjuaq.

The objective of these projects was to replace the existing outdated Community Plans and corresponding Zoning By-laws. The new documents were prepared in collaboration with the Kativik Regional Government, representing the community’s and Council’s vision for a 20-year growth period.  The updated Zoning By-law provided the necessary tools to control and direct growth to achieve the overall vision articulated in the Community Plan.

In addition to these documents, Fotenn prepared colored Poster Plans for each community plan that were designed to illustrate the 20-year vision.

These Work Plans involved travelling to individual communities to consult with a range of stakeholders, including local councils, the general public, elders, business owners, and various government bodies and agencies.