Cornwall Public Library Rooftop Garden

An Oasis in the Downtown

The Cornwall Public Library was intended to have an outdoor terrace with public access built in conjunction with the building renovation in 1996. However, it was not realized due to budget constraints during the renovation. Fotenn was engaged by the Library Steering Committee in 2016 to realise the potential public space through two schematic designs. The schemes aimed to achieve a new and innovative public space for education, social, recreational, and economic uses. Fotenn also has provided costing for a feasibility study that includes a structural review to determine compliance with building code requirements.

The project represents an iconic civic gathering space in the City of Cornwall, and demonstrates the importance of public engagement and creative design solutions to ensure public facilities that provide an extension of the social and cultural role of the building. Described as an oasis in Downtown Cornwall, the library is currently exploring fundraising opportunities to fund the construction of this unique public space.