Fotenn’s Michael Stott Visits Wuhan City

April 3, 2017

Fotenn’s Director of Urban Design and Landscape Architecture, Michael Stott, recently returned from a week long planning workshop in Wuhan City, Central China. While there, Michael worked with a team of international experts from the International Society of City and Regional Planners (ISOCARP) and UN Habitat, alongside staff and officials from the Wuhan Land Resources and Planning Bureau (WLPB) and Wuhan Land Use and Urban Spatial Planning Research Center (WLSP) to assess the success of current efforts aimed at urban renewal and increasing livability.

The workshop centered around the recent rehabilitation of Zhongshan Avenue, an unprecedented District Renewal Project in the center of Wuhan City, and its applicability as a model of redevelopment for other major cities in China.

Through the workshop process, several other renewal projects aimed at making Wuhan City more livable were also assessed including, a new 82 square kilometre urban park at Donghu Lake. The workshop concluded with a presentation to the Mayor and Vice-Mayor of Wuhan and several other senior government officials. Amongst the important topics discussed, was the creation of a single Planning Agency who’s mandate would be to coordinate, regulate and monitor all planning and design activities.

The outcome of the workshop will be published in a special issue of ISOCARP Review 13, a dedicated issue of the ISOCARP Plan journal and at the ISOCARP Annual Congress in Portland this October.

Attending the workshop and building relationships with potential clients outside of Canada is an exciting next step for Fotenn as we begin to look to new markets and opportunities outside of Canada.

For any international project enquiries please contact us at or through Michael Stott at

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