Jane’s Walk with Fotenn

May 5, 2018

On Saturday, May 5th, Fotenn Senior Planner Jaime Posen (along with former Fotenn Planner Sarah Button) prepared and led a Jane’s Walk in downtown Ottawa, sharing the stories behind local street names and discussing commemoration. Nearly 150 people joined Jaime and Sarah for the Walk on a warm and sunny afternoon, contributing to a record-setting turnout for the Ottawa Jane’s Walk weekend. The event is a festival of walking tours named for urbanist writer and activist Jane Jacobs, who encouraged city-dwellers to explore their neighbourhoods on foot.


Janes Walk 1

Photo 1: Sharing the story of Nicolas Sparks on Sparks Street.

Janes Walk 2

Photo 2: Discussing the local significance of street names in the Golden Triangle.

Janes Walk 3

Photo 3: Recounting the fascinating life story of Governor Metcalfe.

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