Fotenn’s Sarah Button Facilitates at the Innovative Housing Symposium in Wolfville, Nova Scotia

January 25, 2017

Fotenn has been assisting the Town of Wolfville, Nova Scotia with updates to its municipal planning documents since early 2015. In the autumn of 2016, Fotenn produced a series of white papers for the Town on specific housing issues including Age-Friendly Development, Affordable Housing, and Regulating Residential Rentals. On January 19th, the Town hosted an “Innovative Housing Symposium”, a full-day event with subject-matter expert participants from across Nova Scotia and Atlantic Canada. The Symposium was a forum to share and deliver information on four specific topic streams related to housing policy and community cohesion. The goal of the Symposium was to build on the content of the white papers to refine policy approaches to Wolfville’s housing challenges.

Fotenn planner Sarah Button, MRTPI, has been working on housing issues with the Town of Wolfville for over a year and was invited to facilitate Symposium Stream 3: “Resolving and Regulating Residential Rentals”. Better integrating multi-tenant residential rental properties (sometimes called rooming or boarding houses) into established neighbourhoods and controlling their unique land use impacts is an issue Toronto, Winnipeg, Halifax, Kingston, and Antigonish are all also currently grappling with. As a planning topic it touches on issues as diverse as human rights, affordable housing, and municipal capacity, making this an important conversation for many communities.

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