City Park Long-Term Vision wins a 2018 IMCL Design Competition Award for Designing Healthy 10-Minute Neighbourhoods

May 16, 2018

We’re excited to announce that Fotenn and RioCan’s vision for City Park has been awarded an IMCL Design Competition Award. The plan reinforces City Park as the heart of Ottawa’s Gloucester Neighbourhood, and exemplifies the principles of the 10-minute neighbourhood by providing a mix of residential, office, retail, and community uses within a five minute walk of the Blair Station BRT (future LRT) stop. Along a network of Complete Streets, a mix of mid-rise and taller buildings define the skyline while framing a large central park, urban plazas, and retail mews. As one of the most significant planning issues in city-building today, we are pleased to be recognized for our ongoing commitment to the re-imagining of greyfield sites across Canada.

The concept summary of the City Park Vision can be viewed here.

Tim Roos, RioCan (Left), with Michael Stott, Fotenn (Right)

Design Competition Award

City Park Long-Term Vision

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