Urban Design


Urban designers bring an integrated design approach to cities and neighbourhoods. They understand public space, building types and how the physical form impacts on and is affected by context. Our Urban Designers take a multi disciplinary, integrated approach to analysing issues and developing options. We bring a range of expertise to our projects, including in-depth experience of multi-residential and retail planning, knowledge of planning legislation and the planning policies of various municipalities, as well as an ability to effectively engage with the community, subconsultants and authorities to ensure consistently high quality and deliverable outcomes.

Featured Urban Design Projects


At Fotenn, we turn ideas into reality. Our urban design projects have included town centres and large scale residential and mixed use communities, corridor revitalisation, pedestrian and streetscape improvements, industrial and recreational planning, transit facilities and transit oriented development, design and development standards, and master planning of public and private facilities. We provide implementable design solutions that are underpinned by our renowned expertise in land use planning. Through our urban design success stories, we continue to challenge ourselves creatively across Canada and internationally. Fotenn’s comprehensive experience, knowledge of current trends as well as innovative vision keeps us at the forefront of the Canadian urban design scene.

Urban Design Services