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Fotenn is an award-winning planning, urban design, and landscape architecture firm with offices in, Ottawa, Kingston and Toronto. Established in 1992, Fotenn now has more than 30 planning, landscape architecture, architecture and urban design staff engaged in projects across the country.

We maintain a balance of public and private work ranging from individuals and large private sector firms to all three levels of government. Fotenn is committed to providing a responsive and personal approach and honest and fair treatment to our clients as well as the community at large.

While our projects are all diverse in nature, they share one thing in common: a need for practical, high-quality and attractive results. With our wealth of experience in the field, knowledge of current trends and innovative vision, we have added and continue to add immense value to all the spaces we have created across Canada. As we apply our expertise in site planning, land usage, policy development, urban design and landscape architecture, we continue to guarantee high-quality, market-based results appropriate to their environmental settings.

Because most of our projects involve stakeholder and community involvement, we work closely with our clients to identify ways to involve and receive feedback from residents, community groups, businesses as well as public sector stakeholders. Well-versed in running digital and social media campaigns, focus groups and community workshops, our team ensures your project receives exposure and feedback before, during and after the process.

We create places where people want to be.

In 1992, Ted Fobert and Robert Tennant founded FoTenn Consultants Inc. to provide urban planning services. The firm soon established a reputation for its balanced portfolio of policy formulation, project management, strategic analyses and land development approvals. This led to specializations in planning and development services in Canada’s far north and master planning at military locations across the country. At the same, Fotenn became a leader in community planning, innovative land use plan implementation and expert evidence at the Ontario Municipal Board. Its clients grew to all levels of government and a full spectrum of private development enterprises.

Fotenn opened its second office in Kingston in 2008 and its third office in Toronto in 2015. In 2013 Fotenn added a dedicated urban design team, followed by landscape architecture and geographical information systems (GIS) services.

In 2014, Ted and Robert took the next step in the succession of Fotenn, choosing to broaden ownership to employees. Director of Planning and Policy, Margo Watson and Directors of Planning and Development, Brian Casagrande and Miguel Tremblay provide leadership and form the majority shareholders of Fotenn. Ted and Robert remain active in the business as strategic advisors, ambassadors and mentors. Robert and Ted set the standards of excellence, innovation and dedication to its employees that form the basis of Fotenn’s culture today and into the future.